3 ways to eat organic food on a budget

December 29, 2014

With rising grocery prices, it can be difficult to eat well. And although buying organic food on a budget may seem daunting, especially if grocery money is very tight, there are ways to do it. Here are three of them that won’t break the bank.

3 ways to eat organic food on a budget

1. Start a garden

A garden doesn't have to be huge to produce a lot of free food. Consider adding attractive edibles to existing flowerbeds by replacing ornamental plants with fruits, vegetables or herbs.

  • Some tomato varieties grow to around 3 feet tall, making them a good backdrop for smaller plants like basil, dill or peppers.
  • Leaf lettuce, available in red or green varieties, makes an attractive border.

Along with being attractive, these plants provide food throughout the growing season with very little maintenance.

If you live in an apartment

If you live in an apartment or in a rental unit where the landlord won't allow landscaping changes, consider growing edibles in containers.

  • Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers and herbs all grow well in containers.

Another bonus with container gardening?

  • Containers require no weeding, making them a great option for busy people.

2. Seek an alternative source of protein

Although many people still see meat as their main source of protein, buying it organically can be cost prohibitive and extremely expensive. The alternative? Beans.

  • Not only are beans a good source of fibre, protein and many other vitamins and minerals, they are also very economical to buy organically.
  • In fact, organic beans are often only slightly more expensive than their conventional counterpart.

To ease the transition from meat to beans, consider changing just one meat-based dinner per week.

  • As you discover more bean recipes you like, slowly replace meat-based meals with beans until you have cut meat consumption by about half.

This small change will make a big difference in your health and budget.

3. Buy groceries in bulk

More and more grocery stores are stocking products in bulk.

  • Beans, nuts and grains are usually significantly cheaper when purchased in bulk because packaging, labelling and transportation costs are reduced.

To help save even more money and reduce waste:

  • Stock up on refillable containers to use when you go shopping to buy organic basics in bulk.

Transitioning to organic food doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Shopping smart and growing your own food will go a long way to making you healthier and happier while staying financially secure.


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