3 easy ways to make fingertips fab with fingernail jewellery

December 8, 2014

From tiny jewels to chains and rings, it's one of the hottest trends to amp up your look. Here are threeeasy ways to make your fingertips look fabulous with eye-catching jewellery!
Nail jewelry was an unknown fashion trend only a few short years ago. Now, you can have a manicurist decorate your fingertips with gold, silver, rhinestones or microbeads. You can even do it yourself right at home.

1. Eye-catching nail piercings

Your hands won’t go unnoticed with this kind of nail jewellery. You don’t even need to be stoic. Having a nail tip pierced is completely painless, and you’ll look great wearing a tiny whimsical ring in it.

It’s possible to do this at home, with a kit that contains the necessary hardware. Here's how:

  • Simply make a small dot with a marker in the long tip of your nail where you want to make the hole.
  • Then using the kit’s tiny manual drilling tool, apply light pressure until the drill tip passes through the tip of the nail.
  • Insert the ring and squeeze it completely closed with needle-nose pliers.

You can change rings and match your jewellery to your nail polish as often as you like.

2. Stylish stick-on jewellery

A tiny star, flower, skull or butterfly nail stickers let you have an instant change to your manicure without the bother of nail polish remover. You can also use pre-painted, full-length nail stickers to give a metallic or whimsical look to your nails.

  • Whether you’re a rocker at heart or a little bit bohemian, you can express your personality and your vision of femininity through these little stickers. They are especially appreciated by people who are unable to grow their nails out, as stick-on jewellery can just as easily be worn on short nails.

3. Trendy nail rings

Try a nail ring if you don’t have time for a manicure before a rendez-vous. This kind of jewellery for nails is cutting edge as far as trends go.

  • A nail ring encircles the finger at the base of the nail and winds up to connect with a false metal nail that fits over your natural one.
  • Nail rings are a bold fashion statement that can also mask a broken or neglected nail.

Best of all there’s a design for every taste: a silver claw ring rounds out a gothic look, while gold and shiny stones are perfect for a more refined style.

  • For a minimalist approach, you could play on contrasts by wearing a thin gold ring that winds its way up and ends in the middle of a scarlet red nail.
  • A handful of nail rings might be a bit overboard, but just one or two are sure to bewitch the object of your desire.

As you can see, jewellery for nails is all about beauty and bling. If that sounds like you, then go for it!

3 easy ways to make fingertips fab with fingernail jewellery
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