3 ways wireless technology in a helmet makes skiing more fun

January 29, 2015

Connecting devices wirelessly these days is the norm. Here are three great ways wireless technology in a ski helmet can enhance your experience and make skiing more fun.
Whether you’re looking to add a fast-paced rhythm to a downhill rush of adrenaline, set a leisurely pace for your cross-country skiing trip, or need to get really pumped up to hit tricks on your skis, adding wireless capability to your helmet is the perfect way to combine music with leisure.

3 ways wireless technology in a helmet makes skiing more fun

1. It allows more time for skiing

Ski helmets with wireless technology free you from the discomfort and inconvenience of standard over-ear headsets and earbuds:

  • There is no need to remove layers of outerwear, helmet and goggles in order to readjust as needed.
  • This separation of the sound source from the ear creates a level of safety, as the skier will still be able to hear what's happening around them, from machines to animals and people.

2. More than one person can get in on the fun

There are a few different wireless headsets on the market, with the most popular ones retailing in the $130 range. They include different options that make them suitable to add to any helmet shape and size.

  • One pair of wireless headsets can be shared between people as they are needed—unlike helmets that come fitted with the technology right out of the box.
  • As helmets get replaced through use or after being outgrown, the wireless system can easily pop out and go right into the new helmet with no hassle or additional cost.

3. Your music follows you everywhere

These sets, once installed in the helmet, and paired with a wireless-enabled transmitting device, such as a mobile phone or mp3 player, are incredibly easy to operate.

  • Typically, there is a one-touch system for volume controls on one side, while the other side has the same for starting and stopping the music. This means a change is as simple as a tap or two.

There’s no need to play around with a device that, like many modern touch screens, may be too cold to respond and should not get dropped, wet, or otherwise damaged.

  • Adding a wireless headset to a ski helmet is a worthwhile investment if music is a must-have at every destination.

Be aware

There are those who express concern for the safety of people using any sort of music system on the slopes or in the back country. That's why the use of this new technology comes with the warning and reminder to pay attention.

  • While listening to music can be a fun way to enhance the skiing experience, it is important to keep your head up and know what is happening around you at all times—even if it is your current favourite song playing.
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