4 tips for hosting a fun kids’ Halloween party

September 14, 2015

Gather together your ghosts, goblins and ghouls for a frightfully delightful party that celebrates all the fun of Halloween! How? With some not-so-scary games, activities and entertainment for kids of all ages. Here are four tips to help you get started.

4 tips for hosting a fun kids’ Halloween party

1. Create a spooky menu

Design a delightfully spooky menu for your Halloween party.

  • Wrap hot dogs in crescent rolls and serve up some "mummy" dogs.
  • A bowl of cheese straws can be passed off as witch's fingers.
  • Cut a banana into thirds. Then use melted chocolate as eyes and a mouth for some delicious – and not-so-scary – ghosts.
  • Your favourite packaged or homemade chocolate cookies can be transformed into yummy spiders. Add pretzel sticks to the cookies for spider legs, and use chocolate-coated candy for eyes.

Kids will be delighted by this Halloween-inspired menu!

2. Set up a costume contest

Nothing says Halloween quite like a costume contest. Encourage your guests to come to the party dressed in their very  best Halloween outfits!

  • Host a Halloween costume show where kids can parade down a faux runway and show off their costume – regardless of whether they're pirates, princesses, superheroes or dinosaurs.
  • Give an award to each kid for the costume contest, from the scariest costume to the one with the most sparkle to the funniest!

3. Organize some awesome activities

Plan some holiday-themed activities to keep youngsters in the spooky spirit.

  • Organize trick-or-treating stations around your venue, whether it's in your backyard or at a park. Have a few parents help hand out candy as kids trick-or-treat their way around the party.
  • Set up pumpkin bowling. Paint toilet paper rolls white and add a ghost face. Stand these painted rolls up like bowling pins, and give kids a small pumpkin to roll toward the ghosts.

4. Try some Halloween-inspired crafts

Plenty of Halloween-inspired crafts are a great way to keep kids busy.

  • Let them decorate sugar cookies in black and orange frosting. You can even use cookie cutters to create pumpkin, bat or ghost sugar cookies.
  • Get some foam masks for kids to decorate with glitter, paint, sequins and feathers, and everyone will go home with a new disguise.

Halloween is a fun and memorable time for kids. Bring together your child's closest friends for a festive Halloween party that gives everyone another chance to show off their costumes – and have lots of fun along the way.

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