4 awesome Canadian kayak excursions

November 3, 2015

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet; the best way to see it is via kayak. There are lots of pre-planned kayak excursions you can take in Canada, with knowledgeable guides and fun groups. Check out some of the best kayaking excursions in the country.

4 awesome Canadian kayak excursions

1. British Columbia

  • Kayaking British Columbia is a company that takes kayakers on a tour to see killer whales.
  • The company takes people through the Johnstone Straight on sea kayaks, and they offer four- and six-day expeditions.
  • There is also a budget-friendly option, the Orca Lite, which allows people to go on a four-day tour to see killer whales, but with a few less features and amenities.
  • Kayaking British Columbia also plans excursions to go kayaking in other countries.
  • Upcoming tours include Chilean Patagonia and the Bahamas.

2. Nova Scotia

  • NovaShores leads guests on sea kayaking adventures through Nova Scotia.
  • The company takes people through one of the biggest tides on earth, the Bay of Fundy, and through the Dover Archipelago near Peggy's Cove.
  • The NovaShores tour is a difficult and demanding tour, but it's also an excellent chance to see some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.
  • Packages include great guided instruction and delicious, fresh meals.

3. Yukon

  • The Yukon Canoe tour by Kanoe People is a trip that takes place on the Yukon River over seven days.
  • The company will include any road transportation and licensed knowledgeable guides.
  • The guides will cook meals every night, and the company will provide hotel rooms at the beginning and end of your stay.
  • There is also the option to do a short half day or a whole kayak tour of the Yukon.

4. Quebec

  • Sea Kayak Adventures provides guided tours through some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.
  • One of the best is on Quebec's Saguenay Fjord.
  • Tour guides guide you on an eight-day sea kayaking tour of the Saguenay River, where kayakers will learn about the area's history and see tons of wildlife.
  • One of the most exciting parts of the tour is that the region is rife with beluga whales, so it's a great chance to see the majestic creature in action.
  • In addition to the kayaking tour, the adventure includes lodging at night, road transportation, and delicious meals.
  • Guests also get to explore nearby Quebec City.
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