4 beautiful Canadian rivers to kayak

Kayaking a river is one of the best ways to see a place's natural splendour and wildlife. Below, check out four of the most beautiful rivers in Canada to kayak.

4 beautiful Canadian rivers to kayak

1. The Yukon River

  • Perhaps one of the most well-known and majestic rivers in all of Canada is the Yukon River, which is located in British Columbia, moving through the Yukon Territory and Alaska.
  • Kayakers are welcome to float down this river nearly all times of year, and many companies provide gear and guides to lead people through it.
  • The Yukon River is one of the best rivers to kayak because it's long, nearly 128 miles, and it changes greatly during each season due to glacial runoff, which makes it silty in the summer, and frozen glaciers that make it completely clear in the winter.
  • Most people make the trip from Eagle to Circle, which encompasses about 158 miles in total and takes kayakers about five days of kayaking and camping.

2. The Ottawa River

  • If you're looking for a beautiful river to kayak along with some daredevil thrills, there's no better place than the Ottawa River, which runs through both Ontario and Quebec.
  • The Ottawa River has a good combination of smooth running water and white water rapids, so it's a good place for more advanced kayakers to encounter some white water rapids as they travel.
  • Many companies offer excursions and tours of the Ottawa River. One of the most popular places to enter the river is in Beachburg, Ontario, just outside of Ottawa.

3. The North Saskatchewan River

  • A great river that is convenient for many city dwellers in Canada to kayak on is the North Saskatchewan River.
  • The North Saskatchewan River provides a wide range of scenery to experience, from the Canadian Rockies to the cityscape of Edmonton, to the Forks.
  • The North Saskatchewan River is a good kayaking destination for people who are looking to see a lot of what Canada has to offer.
  • This river is particularly easy to kayak, so it's a good choice for beginning kayakers.

4. The Thelon River

  • For people looking for something really exotic, there's nothing better than a kayaking trip down the Thelon River.
  • The Thelon is located in the Northwest territories, and kayaking takes place in Canada's arctic regions.
  • Kayaking the Thelon provides access to scenery that you won't find anywhere else in the country. With barren frozen landscapes and tons of wildlife such as musk oxen, wolves, and moose, the Thelon River is a great escape for the avid kayaker who wants a true escape into nature.
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