4 comfortable places to retire in Canada

January 30, 2015

Considering moving to a new location for your retirement? Here are four of the most comfortable places to retire in Canada to jump-start your thinking.

4 comfortable places to retire in Canada

With the economy finally stabilizing, people nearing or at retirement age can once again begin planning for their golden years. Many people dream of retiring to either a large city like Quebec or a quiet oasis like the Okanagan Valley. Regardless of where you want to spend the last years of your life, it's important to choose a spot that offers affordable living, excellent healthcare, and plenty to do.

1. Vernon, British Columbia

Considered one of the most scenic regions in Canada and one of the best locations for retirement, Vernon is situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Surrounded by the Okanagan, Kalamalka, and Swan Lakes, Vernon offers excellent summer recreational activities like boating and kayaking, while the nearby mountains offer excellent skiing. On top of that, housing is extremely inexpensive in Vernon, and a single family home can cost you just $170,000. Excellent healthcare and numerous cultural activities only add to the allure of the region.

2. Kingston, Ontario

Retirees who want to experience all four seasons will fall in love with Kingston. Newcomers can expect moderate snowfall in the winter and plenty of sun in the summer months. One of the first European settlements of the 17th century, Kingston offers the joy of small-town living with the easy access that many want in nearby cities like Toronto and Montreal. Within the city, the beautifully renovated and restored Victorian homes and buildings are home to numerous shops and residences.

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Situated on the water, Halifax offers picturesque views and plenty of outdoor activities. Not only is Halifax the capital of Nova Scotia, but it's also the hub of the federal government in Atlantic Canada. Residents rave about the refurbished and vibrant downtown that features delicious eateries serving up fresh and locally caught seafood and numerous stores. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, property taxes in Nova Scotia are among the lowest in the region.

4. Jolliette, Quebec

Located just 50 kilometres northeast of Montreal, Joliette offers sunny weather an average of 300 days per year. With spectacular scenery and excellent hiking, Joliette is ideal for the retiree who wants to experience the great outdoors. In addition to the spectacular weather, Joliette is a cultural hub in the region and is home to numerous museums like the Joliette Art Museum, where you can peruse a collection of pieces that date back to the French Middle Ages.

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