4 Canadian comfort foods that have gone international

November 3, 2015

Canada has long been known for delicious and warm comfort foods. So much so, many of those foods have spread beyond the borders of Canada and become popular staples across the world. We've collected a list of the four best now-international Canadian comfort foods.

4 Canadian comfort foods that have gone international

1. Poutine

Perhaps the most popular Canadian comfort food is poutine -- cheese curds and hot gravy over French fries. Today, poutine has expanded across the world and restaurants in countless countries serve the warm, rich, salty treat.

Many restaurants serve a strictly traditional poutine, while many others offer creative varieties of the snack -- from barbecue chicken poutine to poutine burgers to cheese and lobster poutine.

2. Montreal-style bagels

Montreal, the biggest cosmopolitan city in Quebec, is known for its bagels. But Montreal-style bagels aren't the big doughy rings popular in cities like New York. In reality, bagelmakers in the city created their own style of thinner, handmade, wood-fired bagels. Montreal bagels are smaller and sweeter and have a larger hole.

Today, Montreal bagels have spread far and wide. There are shops across the world devoted to selling this bagel variety. Montreal bagels are popularly served with smoked salmon and caviar.

3. Ketchup chips

Potatoes and ketchup make a great flavour pairing, so it's no surprise that ketchup chips, developed in Canada, have made their way around the world.  For decades, ketchup chips were a quintessentially Canadian treat, however, in recent, the tangy and flavourful chips have taken off other places and are now available across most of North America and some of Europe.

4. Canadian bacon

Canadian bacon is an increasingly beloved international food. This cut of pork is actually more like ham that the fatty, smoked meat that Americans commonly refer to as bacon.

The Canadian variety is cut from a big loin; it's served in round slices rather than strips. Canadian bacon is now used in common, international breakfast foods, like eggs benedict or potato hashes.


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