4 custom motorcycle accessories for the music lover

November 3, 2015

People who love motorcycles have a need for speed, so it's no surprise that many of them also love equally adrenaline-inducing music. If you want to add some accessories to your bike that will let you enjoy music while you're on the road -- from a quick drive to a multi-day road trip, check out this list. These four great motorcycle accessories will ensure that you can play your favourite tunes on the go. 

4 custom motorcycle accessories for the music lover

1. Bluetooth Helmet

  • A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, like the Commander by O'Neal, has Bluetooth capability that allows people to sync their helmet to their smartphone.
  • This means that not only can people talk on their phone while they ride, they can also listen to their very favourite playlist from the comfort of their own helmet.
  • The Bluetooth helmet is a great way to ensure that you can hear your music, and it can also help you stay safe and protected while you ride.

2. Stereo System

  • If you'd prefer to blast your music into open air, choose a motorcycle stereo system that can be installed on your bike and play your music directly.
  • There is a huge range of stereo options out there, including some that can play MP3s and local radio.
  • Getting a stereo system for your bike is a great way to share your favourite songs with the world around you.

3. Speaker System

  • Don't just add a simple stereo to your bike.
  • Amp it up with a complete speaker system, that allows you to create surround sound on your bike and increase the bass with a subwoofer.
  • Look for a speaker system that matches your listening needs; get a smaller set that faces the rider if you want to listen to music yourself while you ride, or invest in a set that blares out to share music with people you bike with.

4. Smartphone mount

  • Many companies sell smartphone mounts for the handlebars of bikes.
  • If you want your phone where you can see it or if you'd like to select music for your Bluetooth helmet, buy a smartphone mount for your bike.
  • Make sure to buy the right size for your specific phone, then mount it on your handlebars to keep your phone in place no matter how fast you ride.
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