4 cute gift-wrapping themes that little girls will love

Wrapping a present for a little girl's birthday or celebration is an extra way to add some celebratory flair. Discover four themes she'll be sure to love.
There are lots of ways to make a present even more girly or tailored towards her favourite items, celebrities, or hobbies. If you're looking for some ideas for how to wrap a cute present for a girl this year, check out the tips below.

4 cute gift-wrapping themes that little girls will love

1. Fashion flair

If you're wrapping a gift for a girl who's into fashion and clothes, try wrapping the gift inside of a purse or handbag instead of a gift bag. Choose a purse that the gift can fit inside. Then, instead of lining the bag with tissue paper, line it with scarves or bandannas, which you can find at a discount or dollar store for very cheap. Then place the present inside, and adorn the handles of the bag with a hair ribbon. Not only will the gift look stylish and cute, but the girl will be able to use all the elements of the gift bag—not just the gift inside.

2. Colour me creative

For an art-loving little girl, a great way to wrap a present is by letting her decorate it. Simply wrap the present in plain white butcher paper, then using a colourful ribbon, tie a set of Crayons to the box. When you give the little girl her present, she can decorate the present itself and express her creativity before she even finds out what's inside.

3. Pamper package

For the little girl who loves to be pampered, consider packing her present in a toiletry holder or shower basket. Line the basket with confetti, then place the presents inside. If you want to give a gift that fits into the pampering theme, consider giving her presents like bubble bath, an eye mask, nail files and hair clips. You can make the gift even more festive by adding cute decorative items like a rubber ducky.

4. Celebrity celebration

If your little girl is particularly fond of a celebrity like Taylor Swift or One Direction, you can make her present extra-special by wrapping the present in pictures of the celebrity. Simply scan celebrity magazines and tabloids for picture spreads of the star, then use them like traditional wrapping paper to cover the present. She'll not only enjoy the present, but she also may want to save the wrapping to tape up on her wall.

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