4 dance-based exercises to get you fit

November 3, 2015

Four dance-based exercises to get you fit

For the dance lover, there are many great dance-based exercise classes to help you to get in shape while you have fun dancing. Check out the list below.

4 dance-based exercises to get you fit


One class that's all the rage these days is barre — a class based on the traditional bar workout in ballet. During barre class, those who are exercising hold onto the ballet barre and do isometric moves that isolate specific muscle groups. The barre workout is very challenging because it focuses on small, under-worked muscles, and participants are required to hold difficult positions for a minute or more. There are international barre workout companies that you can search for your in your area.


Bokwa is a class that's new on the exercise scene, but it's catching on because of its high-energy atmosphere and fun cardio workout. Bokwa is a mix of hip-hop and South African dance, with elements of a step aerobic workout. Dancers are instructed to move in the shape of letters of the English alphabet, so they are intuitive and don't require having to memorize choreography. Bokwa is a good workout for a range of people since the intensity is chosen by the participant, so beginners or advanced participants can enjoy it.

Pole dancing

Studios across the world are offering pole dancing classes for exercise, transforming a dance method traditionally associated with gentleman's clubs to a fun and challenging workout. Pole dancing classes include real dance poles, which challenge dancers to improve their upper body and core strength. One good part of pole dancing is that it can help participants get over their inhibitions and improve feelings of self-esteem and attractiveness.


Zumba's been around for nearly two decades, but it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Zumba combines dance moves from African, Latin and Creole cultures, and it puts those moves to fun, loud and energizing pop music. Zumba is known for being a fun class with an uplifting atmosphere and it's a great choice for exercise lovers of all levels, since participants can push themselves as hard as they feel comfortable.

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