4 DIY bridal party gift ideas

Making your own bridal party gifts is a great way to say thanks for helping with the wedding and it'll save you money.

4 DIY bridal party gift ideas
  • Having a bridal party full of friends and family members can be an unforgettable experience, and it's traditional to thank members of the bridal party with a gift.
  • While it might seem cost-prohibitive to purchase gifts for each individual member of the party, creating DIY gifts is a great way to save money and offer your personal thanks. You'll find some creative and cost-friendly DIY gift ideas below.

1. Teacup candles

  • One great idea for a bridal party gift is a candle that you make yourself. Shop at vintage or dollar stores for small, antique tea cups that will serve as the candle holders.
  • You'll also need chopsticks or wooden skewers, old candles that have already been partially burned, and new wicking, which can be bought at a home goods or arts supply store.
  • First, melt old candles in a saucepan, then cut pieces of wicking that are long enough to extend past the rim of the teacup. Tie the pieces to a chopstick, and lay the chopstick across each teacup.
  • After the wax melts, pour it into the teacup, and once it's dry, cut the chopstick away from the cup at the top of the wick. You'll now have a cute, handmade, useful gift to give to your bridesmaids!

2. Personalized bobby pins

  • Consider making personalized bobby pins for a gift that bridesmaids can enjoy during the wedding.
  • First, purchase antique or vintage buttons of all sizes from a vintage or thrift store. Then, glue multiple small buttons on top of a larger one to create a sort of mosaic.
  • Once the buttons are dry, glue the larger button onto the bobby pin and allow to dry. Give each bridesmaid two bobby pins, which they can wear in their hair during the ceremony.
  • Choose colours that complement your bridesmaids' dresses.

3. Homemade body scrub

  • Every girl loves to be pampered, so offering friends small jars of a homemade body scrub is an excellent gift idea. To make a refreshing scrub, simply mix raw sugar, coconut oil, raw mango and orange essential oil in a blender.
  • Once the scrub mixture is a thick and gooey, bottle it in small, individual mason jars. Write the name of each bridesmaid with a paint pen on the outside of each jar for a personalized touch.

4. Custom photo books

  • Many services offer budget-friendly personalized photo books that you can be printed for a low price. Collect favourite pictures of yourself and each individual friend in your bridal party, then print the photo book as a gift.
  • A custom photo book is a great way to collect memories and honour the reasons you've asked the bridesmaid to be in your bridal party.
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