4 easy steps to empty a fish tank with a siphon

July 28, 2015

Transferring liquid from one receptacle to another can be laborious and messy, especially when a container is as heavy as an aquarium. Siphoning makes it easy. We'll teach you how.

4 easy steps to empty a fish tank with a siphon

Get siphoning with these 4 steps

All you need is some flexible tubing and a bucket, both of which can usually be found in pet stores selling aquarium supplies. A helping hand may prove useful as well.

  1. Place your bucket on the ground, close to the tank. The bottom of the tank must be higher than the bucket; the greater the vertical distance, the quicker the liquid will flow. If there are any fish in the tank, transfer them to a safe place.
  2. Find a length of flexible plastic tubing long enough to reach easily from the bottom of the tank to the bottom on the bucket. If possible, use transparent tubing so that you can monitor the flow of liquid. Holding the tubing in an even U shape, carefully fill it from a tap until the water nearly reaches the top of each end. Cover each end with a thumb. This will be easier if you have someone to help.
  3. Move to the tank and, keeping your thumbs in place, insert one end of the tube into the bottom of the tank and the other into the bucket. Remove your thumb from the end in the tank and then do the same with the end in the bucket. The water will now flow out from the tank. The tube will also suck away mess at the bottom of the tank.
  4. To stop the flow (for example if the bucket is full), lift the tube out of the tank water. The water left in the tube will then empty out. To start again, refill the tube as in step 2. If the tank is large, you'll need several bucketfuls.

Follow these steps and you'll be able to empty even the biggest aquariums with no hassle at all.

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