4 easy tips for cleaning clogged drains

July 28, 2015

Strike quickly when a drain becomes slow moving. It will make life so much easier and cheaper than using a plumber for a full-fledged clog. The solution is simple and you only need common household items.

4 easy tips for cleaning clogged drains

1. If you have a slow-moving drain

  • This means sludge is building up in the pipe. When that happens, pour 250 ml (1 cup) of salt into the drain, followed by250 ml (1 cup)of baking soda.
  • Then pour a full kettle of boiling water downthe drain. The abrasive salt and baking soda mixture will break down the clog.
  • If the problem is congealed grease, the clog will be loosened immediately. Don't turn on the faucet for several hours, if at all possible. The longer that you can go without diluting your work, the better.

2. If hair is the problem

You'll need a stronger solution. This one will definitely work: place 500 ml (2 cups) of washing soda crystals (available from the laundry section of supermarkets) over the plug hole, then slowly pour through a kettle of boiling water.

3. Follow by plunging

  • Each of the above methods can be made more effective by following them with a rubber plunger (available from hardware stores).
  • Place the rubber cup tightly over the drain hole and push the handle down and up rapidly, creating a vacuum which might just help shift the blockage.

4. Keep it clear

  • Once you have a clear drain, keep it that way. Invest in an inexpensive plastic or metal sink strainer — and use it. You'll be amazed at the gunk you collect that would otherwise be going into your drains.
  • Make the commitment (and tell the rest of the family) that nothing other than water will be going down your drain from now on — no fat, oil, coffee grounds, tea leaves or leftovers.
  • Once a month, or more frequently, pour boiling water, or one of the natural cleaners as mentioned, down your drain and blockages will be a thing of the past, as will the angst that goes with them.
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