4 easy ways to make your tap water taste better

If you live in an area with tap water that doesn't taste delicious, you might find it hard to drink enough to stay hydrated. However, there are some simple ways to make your tap water taste better:

4 easy ways to make your tap water taste better

1. Invest in a filter

Today, many companies make small carbon filters you can run your water through to remove any impurities that might cause a bad taste.

  • Purchase a filter and install it on your kitchen faucet or put it in the accompanying pitcher in the fridge. Filters only need to be changed about once a month, and they're a safe and healthy way to make delicious drinking water.

2. Add frozen fruit

If you want a little flavour in your tap water, don't add sugary syrups or juices.

  • Instead, keep pieces of your favourite kinds of fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, oranges or pineapples, in your freezer. When you pour yourself a glass of water, add a few pieces of frozen fruit to the glass.
  • Not only will the fruit give the water a nice flavour but it will also help keep it cold. Adding fruit to your water is also a good way to up your fruit consumption and give you more of your necessary daily vitamins.

3. Bubble it

One good way to get rid of any bad flavours in your tap water is to carbonate it.

  • Many companies, like SodaStream, sell do-it-yourself carbonating products that allow you to add bubbles to your tap water at home.
  • If you don't like plain tap water, or you are a soda fiend, consider investing in a device that allows you to carbonate your water. You can do it bottles at a time. Keep them in your fridge and have a glass, or a swig, whenever you get thirsty.

4. Make tea

Tea is a natural way to add flavour to water without making it unhealthy.

  • Make tea on the stove using a kettle to boil water, and pour it inside a cup with a teabag once it's hot.
  • If you prefer iced tea, add several tea bags to a pitcher of water, then let it sit overnight. The next day, you will have a delicious pitcher of fresh, cold-brewed iced tea.

Sometimes it can be hard to stay hydrated, and bad-tasting tap water is definitely a reason many people don't consume enough fluids. Try these tips to make sure you water tastes great and you stay hydrated.

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