4 engagement photo tips

November 3, 2015

Taking photos to mark an engagement is a great way to commemorate the occasion. Capturing the spirit of the couple and romance of the relationship can be done by following four simple tips.

4 engagement photo tips

1. Get to know the couple first

  • Before you start an engagement photo session, it can be very helpful to have a meeting or conversation with the couple. This will allow you to get a sense of their personalities, their dynamic, and their tastes.
  • Getting to know the couple better allows you to start off comfortably during the photo session, and it can also help you choose great locations to suit the couple you're shooting.
  • Try having a coffee date in a quiet cafe where you can easily have a conversation.

2. Agree on outfits

  • Another key piece to great engagement photos is having subjects wear the right clothing. Have the couple agree on what they will wear before you go to shoot to ensure that their two outfits coordinate.
  • This will also help you choose locations that pair well with what they are wearing. Agreeing on outfits with both you and each other beforehand ensures that you have one cohesive look in all the engagement photos.

3. Give lots of direction

  • Couples can be awkward when trying to pose for photos together. To make photos that are aesthetically pleasing and look natural, it can be helpful to give them a lot of direction while you snap.
  • You can direct couples to stand or sit in certain poses, or you can tell them to talk to each other casually and to not pose at all.
  • By being careful about how you direct the shoot, you can ensure that you don't waste frames on awkward and uncomfortable poses.

4. Make a list of shots

  • There are some quintessential shots that make every engagement shoot work. Some of these shots include a kissing shot, a hand holding shot, and a shot sitting on a blanket, among many others.
  • Talk to the couple about what kind of pictures they want, then think about what kind of photos you think will capture the romance of the couple. Bring this list to the shoot, and mark off all the shots as you go. You should feel free to also take shots that are not on the list.
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