4 expert tips for sharing timeshares with friends

November 3, 2015

Buying into a timeshare plan is a good way to give yourself the opportunity to go on vacation somewhere you like regularly. But you might not be able to use your timeshare each time it's available. So why not share it with friends and family? Here are four expert tips on doing so.

4 expert tips for sharing timeshares with friends

1. Check with the resort

First and foremost, check with your timeshare resort to find out guidelines for sharing your timeshare space.

Nearly all resorts will allow guests to have approved friends and family use their space even without owners being present. But, you'll still need to get proper approval from the company to have guests there first.

Fill out any necessary paperwork with names and information for who will be using your space, and then they'll be able to comfortably enjoy it.

Though you should be aware that you are liable for your guests' behaviour ― a piece of information you'll definitely want to pass onto your guests before their stay!

2. Travel with your guests

If you want to have fun with family and friends or your timeshare doesn't allow guests to stay in a timeshare without you, consider planning a vacation together.

Going on vacation to your timeshare with family and friends is a great way to relax and have fun together, and it's a generous way to share something valuable you have with people that mean something to you.

3. Give them your bonus weeks

Many timeshare companies offer people who have bought into timeshares bonus weeks, as incentive to purchase in the first place or for loyalty to their company.

These bonus weeks are weeks during which you can use your timeshare in addition to your normal weeks.

Since they're extra time anyway, rather than use both your regular week and your bonus week, you could give your bonus week to a family member or friend who doesn't usually get to go on vacation.

Of course, be sure to check with your timeshare resort to make sure that this is within the rules and fill out any necessary paperwork. Also be aware that you are liable for your guests' behaviour.

4. Buy in with a friend or family member

If you haven't purchased a timeshare yet, consider buying into it with a friend or family member.

When you buy into a timeshare with a friend or family member, you can work out between yourselves who gets to use it when.

Plus, buying into a timeshare with someone else is a good way to cut costs, and it's also a good way to ensure someone you love gets to experience great vacations, too.

Share your piece of paradise

Whether you're looking for a way to cut the costs of a timeshare, a way to spend time with your friends or family, or are just after a way to show that you care, sharing a timeshare could be the way to go.

Besides, if you've found a vacation spot that you think is a piece of paradise (and you're sure your loved ones will agree), why not share it?

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