4 great baby shower gifts for parents expecting twins

October 13, 2015

Picking out a gift for a baby shower can be challenging, but it can be even doubly difficult if the mother is expecting twins. With some thoughtful shopping, you can find cute and clever twin baby gifts that new parents will find both adorable and useful. Read more about great gift ideas for a baby shower for twins below.

4 great baby shower gifts for parents expecting twins

1. Baby care timer twin pack

  • A baby care timer is a handy device for one baby. It's a small gadget that helps keep track of the time since the last feeding, nap or diaper change to make sure Mom and baby stay on schedule.
  • Luckily, at least one company sells a twin pack, with each device a different colour, so it's easy for moms to keep track of when which baby does what and at what time.
  • She need simply assign each baby his or her own colour, and thus be able to keep the schedules straight, no matter how tired she may be.

2. Diapers

  • Giving an expecting mom diapers is a great gift at a baby shower for twins, since diapers can be expensive, and she'll be going through a lot of them with two new babies around!
  • Check with the expectant mother to see what kind of diapers she plans on using.
  • There's a wide selection of disposable diapers out there (and also cloth diapers), and you want to be sure you'll get her a kind she prefers.
  • Then, consider creating a cute gift or centrepiece using the diapers, and top them with a bow or ribbons.

3. Nursing pillow for twins

  • If the expectant mother is planning on nursing her babies, one of the most useful gifts you can get for her is a nursing pillow made for twins.
  • The mother can loop the pillow around her middle while she breastfeeds, which allows her to rest the babies on the pillow so she can nurse them at the same time.
  • The nursing pillow can also help keep new mothers from getting a back ache while nursing.

4. Co-ordinated Onesies

  • One way to ensure new twins always look cute is by dressing them in co-ordinated outfits.
  • You can buy the babies co-ordinated onesies for the shower, either monogrammed with their initials or with sayings like "Yes, we're twins!" on the back.
  • The personalized clothing can help new parents keep outfits straight, and their cuteness will be sure to turn heads when the twins are out on the town.
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