4 great holiday gifts for people who kayak

November 3, 2015

Four great holiday gift ideas for kayakers

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity that people can enjoy year-round, and there are many holiday gifts you can get for avid kayakers. Check out the list of great ideas below.

4 great holiday gifts for people who kayak

Santa kayaking ornament

For a small token for someone who loves kayaking, get them a kayaking ornament. One of the most popular kayaking ornaments is a small kayak with Santa Claus inside. A santa kayaking ornament is a great way for kayakers to bring the sport of kayaking into their daily lives, even when they're out of the water.

Kayaking dry suit

Kayakers can enjoy their sport even through the cold winter months, especially if they have a great dry suit to wear under their clothes. Dry suits can be a big investment, but they're a great gift idea for someone who wants to expand the kayak season. Look for a dry suit liner that can keep a person warm and dry when they are kayaking by keeping moisture away from the body and enhancing comfort.

Hard case

A great gift for someone who loves to kayak is a hard case, a mini-size plastic case that is completely waterproof. It's also crush proof and dust proof, and comes with a carabiner and rubber line to attach to a kayak. These hard cases allow whitewater kayakers to keep anything they need safe with them while they're out on the water. There are many to choose from so you can pick the best one to suit a person's tastes and personality.

Portable hammock

To give a kayaker who goes on long voyages a useful gift, give them a portable hammock that can be tied to trees and used to sleep off the ground while camping. Look for a hammock that collapses into tiny portable pouches, so they are easy to carry in a kayak, and they will fit comfortably in a Christmas stocking.

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