4 great holiday gifts for tennis aficionados

November 3, 2015

4 great holiday gifts for tennis aficionados

If your loved one enjoys tennis, check out some of the fabulous tennis holiday gift ideas below.

4 great holiday gifts for tennis aficionados

1. Tickets to a professional tennis tournament

There's nothing more inspiring than watching the greats play a tennis match. Do some research about local pro tennis tournaments on the ATP or WTA tour, and buy a tennis lover tickets to see an event. Look for tickets on a grandstand court that will feature the most exciting players. Tickets to a pro tennis tournament will provide an inspiring and educational experience, and let your tennis loving friend have fun, too!

2. A swing analyzer

There are some nifty tennis swing analyzers out there including ones that attach to the handle of a tennis racket. These track and analyze how you hit and swing on the court. The analyzer sends information via Bluetooth to an app, which then tells you what kind of shots you hit, which ones you made and which ones you missed, how much topspin you got, and more. This is a better gift for a serious tennis player looking to improve his or her game than for a beginner.

3. Repurposed tennis ball coin purse

On many online crafts sites, you can purchase a coin purse that has been recycled from an old, used tennis ball. You may even learn how to make one! A tennis ball coin purse is a useful and fun way for tennis lovers to carry the sport with them when they're not on the court. The gift is also an appropriate one to give both male and female players.

4. The Tennis Book: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

Anyone who loves tennis needs to own The Tennis Book, a coffee table book by John Parsons, Henry Wancke and Tim Henman. The book is a beautiful creation featuring more than 200 photographs of famous players, equipment and matches. It outlines the sport's history, as well as its best players, stories and politics. The Tennis Book has large print and is easy to read for readers of all ages. It's also a helpful gift for anyone who wants to incorporate tennis into home decor.

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