4 great spa treatments for arthritis pain

Arthritis pain affects many people of different ages, especially the elderly. It's a painful condition that causes joints to swell up and feel achy, hindering mobility and comfort. The good news is that there are things you can do to improve your condition if you suffer from arthritis. Here are some spa treatments that can help you cope with arthritis pain.

4 great spa treatments for arthritis pain

1. Massage

  • Massage is an excellent treatment for sore joints and muscles, and can also ease anxiety and promote restful sleep.
  • Regular massage of stiff muscles and joints can help lead to greatly reduce pain for arthritis sufferers.
  • It's especially good for arthritis in the knees, hands, and wrists.
  • It can reduce stiffness and improve mobility in these joints.
  • Just a 15 or 20 minute moderate massage a few times a week can help offer excellent results.
  • Contact a local spa near you to find out about rates for this type of massage.

2. Ayurveda treatments

  • Ayurveda treatments are natural, alternative arthritis treatments that help to cleanse the circulation channels in your body, improve digestion, lubricate your joints, and improve your health in general by ridding your body of toxins.
  • It's an intensive treatment program that involves your diet, general lifestyle activities, and natural supplements that help to battle arthritis pain.

3. Heat or cold therapy

  • Heat or cold therapy works to stimulate your body in different ways that help to heal your ailments.
  • It can help with arthritis pain, too.
  • Spas can heat different areas of your body in order to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscle spasms and cramping.
  • Cold can reduce swelling and cause deep pain to become numb, which is great for arthritis pain.
  • It's best to go to a spa for these treatments because they are familiar with what temperatures to use and how long to apply heat or cold.

4. Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture is a 16th century form of Chinese medicine that uses thin needles to stimulate different points on the body and helps correct imbalances.
  • Acupuncture is thought to decrease pain by releasing more endorphins into your body.
  • Many people use acupuncture to treat arthritis pain because it is most effective for this kind of chronic pain.
  • Many spas that specialize in Eastern medicine will perform acupuncture to help you with your arthritis pain.
  • Next time your arthritis is bothering you, make an appointment with a local spa to have one of these treatments performed.
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