4 guidelines for proper etiquette at a spa

November 3, 2015

Going to a spa is all about relaxation and rejuvenation. Here are 4 etiquette guidelines to follow at a spa to ensure that everyone – including you, other customers and the spa's staff – have a positive experience.

4 guidelines for proper etiquette at a spa

1. Don't talk on your cell phone

While you might have to wait a little while before starting your spa treatment, this is not an appropriate time for chatting or texting on your phone. Spas are meant to be peaceful spaces where people have come to unplug and unwind, and having to listen to others' phone calls or even just seeing the bright light of a phone's screen can be disruptive to some people. Do yourself and others a favour by turning your cell phone off once you arrive at the spa and spending any wait time enjoying a magazine or book, or chatting quietly with the people you've come with.

2. Arrive on time

Spas are places that run on complicated schedules, with practitioners aiming to use their time efficiently to provide a service, clean up, prepare a room and move on to the next client. So, if you have a scheduled appointment at a spa, make sure you show up on time. If possible, consider showing up 10–15 minutes early to allow the spa staff to show you around the facilities and explain what they'll need from you without feeling rushed or hurried. Showing up late can throw off the entire schedule and might result in you losing your spot or service.

3. Do what feels comfortable to you

Many spa treatments are done in the nude, but the best thing you can do at a spa is to stick with what feels comfortable for you. If your massage therapist asks you to remove your clothing, strip down to the level that feels most comfortable to you, whether that's completely naked or still in your underwear or some clothing. Spa staff are there to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in a professional manner, and the best thing you can do for everyone is to ensure that you are comfortable.

4. Tip your spa practitioner

It's customary to tip for the service you receive at a spa. When you check out and pay for your service at the end, the spa will most likely ask if you want to include gratuity. Tip your practitioner based on how happy you were with the experience. The base tip for good service is 10%, increasing with the quality of service.

By observing these spa etiquette guidelines, you can make your visit to the spa a positive experience for everyone involved and come away feeling great.

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