4 handsome gift wrap themes for boys

November 3, 2015

Wrapping is an easy way to personalize a gift and build additional intrigue around it, especially if you use a creative, well-thought-out, customized theme. Wrapping a boy's present in a theme that appeals to his tastes and interests is a great way to make him feel excited about opening the present, and there are many handsome gift wrap theme ideas to make a gift look both well-thought-out and fun. Learn more about four great theme ideas below.

4 handsome gift wrap themes for boys

1. Cowpoke present

  • The Wild, Wild West is favourite with many young boys, so wrapping a gift in a cowboy theme can help appeal to the cowboys and Indians (or Toy Story) fan in them.
  • To wrap a present in a cowpoke theme, pick out a wrapping paper with a western pattern, like horses, boots, hats or ropes.
  • Wrap the present in the paper, then use a thin rope, reminiscent of a lasso, to wrap around the present like a ribbon.
  • To add extra theme-related flair, consider adorning the present with a plastic Wild West sheriff's badge that the boy will also be able to wear.

2. Sailor surprise

  • For the little boy who loves the sea, wrap the present in a nautical theme.
  • Choose colours that are associated with sailing like blue or white (or blue and white stripes), or choose a sailing related pattern, like anchors, boats, or waves.
  • Add an additional themed adornment to add to your colour scheme by cutting an anchor-shaped gift tag to attach to the gift with your name inside.
  • Also, you can tie thin rope around the present instead of ribbon to reflect the rigs of a sailboat.
  • If your little boy is more of a pirate-lover, consider replacing rope or ribbon with a black eye patch.

3. Game day gift

  • For the sports-loving little guy, choose wrapping paper in the colours of his favourite sports team.
  • Tie the gift with ribbons in his team's colours, as well.
  • Print a picture of the team's mascot or the boy's favourite player, and use the image to make a gift card to accompany the present.

4. Race car revelry

  • It's hard for little boys not to love the speed and excitement of racecars.
  • So bring this thrill to his gift by wrapping it in a race car theme.
  • Choose a wrapping paper printed with race cars, or select a black and white checkered paper reminiscent of the racing flag.
  • Once the present is wrapped, use a ribbon or tape to affix a small Matchbox race car to the top.
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