4 healthy ways to get glowing skin without a harmful tan

November 26, 2014

People once thought a tan was healthy. If you still want that tanned look without going to the beach or tanning salon, here are four alternative ways to get glowing skin without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

4 healthy ways to get glowing skin without a harmful tan

1. Use makeup to enhance

The Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes sun safety and skin cancer awareness, detection and treatment, recommends people get the bright, glowing look they desire on their faces by simply using makeup.

  • There are many types of makeup, like blushes and bronzers, that are designed to give your face natural-looking colour.
  • Opt for a tone that gives you a subtle glow.
  • If you have pale skin, consider a light-pink blush.
  • If you have a dark complexion, consider adding a golden bronzer.

2. Get fast results with a spray tan

A spray tan allows you to completely tan your body without lying in the hot sun. Although using some spray tans can result in unnatural, orange-tinted skin, new technologies have been developed to create natural-looking tans.

  • One method includes using a sugar-based spray that works with your body's chemistry.

Spray tans not only help you to reduce the risk of skin cancer and damage from the sun, they're also a very convenient way to prevent pesky tan lines.

3. Eat delicious superfoods

What we eat can affect the way our bodies look. One of the best ways to get a natural glow is to eat "skin superfoods."

What are skin superfoods?
These superfoods, which include carrots, sweet potatoes and cantaloupes, are orange in colour due to the carotene pigment (which is also a nutrient) that they contain.

  • Carotene ultimately shows up in your natural skin tone when you consume it regularly.
  • Carotene can be found in non-orange foods, too, including spinach, kale and mustard greens.

While your tan won't be as striking as it would be if you sat in the sun, eating superfoods can help warm up your skin's overall colouring and appearance.

4. Use bronzing lotion

Today, many cosmetics companies have created lotions that can help build a natural-looking tan with the regular application of their products. Because these lotions contain only a small amount of tint, your skin won't look orange.

  • You'll see a natural glow start to develop in only a few weeks by using a bronzing lotion to moisturize your skin every day.
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