4 holiday gift ideas for your personal assistant

November 3, 2015

There are numerous ways to give thanks to your assistant that will show you care. Check out the following fantastic holiday gift ideas for personal assistants.

4 holiday gift ideas for your personal assistant

1. A classy bottle of wine

  • A fancy bottle of wine is a classic choice for a personal assistant holiday gift.
  • Nice wine can be expensive, so consider buying a bottle out of your assistant's usual price range.
  • Wine can encourage your assistant to relax over the holidays, and it can be useful if he or she is entertaining at home as well.

2. A luxury spa gift certificate

  • Many people are exhausted at the end of the year. If you've worked your personal assistant particularly hard this year, consider a gift certificate to a luxury spa.
  • Pick one near where your assistant lives and allow them to pick the desired services.
  • It's a great way to unwind after a busy season, get pampered and rejuvenate for the year ahead.

3. A thoughtful card and cash

  • If you don't know your personal assistant that well (and even if you do), you can't go wrong by giving him or her an appreciative card with some cash inside.
  • Write a note inside the card expressing your gratitude, place the money inside and put the card in an envelope.
  • Giving cash is a great way to avoid a gift that someone might not like.
  • Cash is also very helpful over the holidays.
  • Make sure you give a gift that is generous enough to not come across as insulting. Think one hundred dollars, not twenty.

4. A coffee or tea shop gift card

  • Chances are, if your assistant is like most people these days, he or she has at least one cup of coffee or tea every morning.
  • Check out the logo on the cup he or she brings in each morning. Go to that coffee or tea shop and buy a large gift certificate.
  • This can help your assistant cut down on spending. It can also show that you pay attention to their tastes and habits.
  • This gift is ideal for assistants who don't work in offices with kettles and bags of tea leaves, or coffee machines and fresh coffee beans.

Your personal assistant does so much for you all year long. Isn't it about time you buy him or her a holiday present to show your appreciation for their work and dedication? Be personal in your choice, even if it's cash, and show them how much their work means to you.

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