4 holistic approaches to feeling better

July 28, 2015

Feeling better doesn't always mean you have to spend a lot of money on expensive remedies. Give holistic medicine a shot and check out these alternative therapies.

4 holistic approaches to feeling better

1. Homeopathy— what is it?

  • Homeopathy is based on the principle that substances that cause symptoms of an illness will, in much smaller doses, help the body to heal the illness.
  • Homeopathy maintains that symptoms of illness are the body's normal and natural way of healing itself, and microscopic doses remind the body of these symptoms and stimulate the healing process.
  • Finding practitioners: look online for homeopathy practitioners in your area. Consultations usually range from as low as $40 for acute conditions to as high as $160 for longer consultations for chronic conditions. Remedies are often included in the price.
  • Homeopathy at home: many symptoms can be treated at home. Homeopathic remedies are widely available at health food stores and some pharmacies.

2. Get a massage

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a massage, but the average session costs upwards of $70 an hour. Rates are generally lower for massage therapists who work from their own home, as there are no overhead costs.

  • Medical plans: if you have a medical plan at work, don't forget to check the coverage. Many plans cover several massage therapy sessions a year.
  • Free or cheap treatment: massage is very popular and courses are offered at adult education establishments or professional training schools. Find a local school and volunteer to be a practice subject for students.

3. Meditation: an inexpensive solution

We all know that when we are stressed we are more likely to succumb to illness, and recent research suggests that meditation can boost the immune system and reduce blood pressure, heart and breathing rates and muscle tension.

  • Joining a class: check in your local library, health food store or community centre for meditation classes, which are inexpensive. Or join a yoga class, which incorporates an element of meditation at the end of the session.
  • Going it alone: meditate at home and it will cost you nothing except time. Set aside 20 minutes a day when you won't be disturbed and can sit comfortably and quietly. Concentrate on your breathing, or a certain word or phrase, or focus on the flame of a candle placed in front of you.

4. Find relief with reflexology

  • Treatment involves the application of pressure to different points on your feet.
  • It can relieve tension and improve circulation and digestion.
  • Many registered massage therapists also have training in this area.

Everyone is different and at the end of the day you need to find a remedy that works for you. Holistic medicine is generally an inexpensive and natural way to combat stress and tension. Try it today and take an active step in feeling better.

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