4 homework tips to help your child with ADHD

November 14, 2014

Having ADHD can be difficult for a child, particularly when it comes to schoolwork, but there are some helpful techniques to make focusing easier.

4 homework tips to help your child with ADHD

In order to be a successful student, children who suffer from ADHD must find a way to complete their homework each day. If you have a child who suffers from ADHD and want some help getting him or her to focus, check out the list below. These tips can make after-school hours both more pleasant and more productive.

1. Stay organized

One of the best ways a parent can help a child with ADHD is to help him or her stay organized. Create a homework folder where your child will gather all of his or her assignments at the end of the day, then sit down and go through the folder together and make sure each assignment gets completed. This will ensure that the work gets done and that your child can find it the next day at school. Also, consider investing in an extra set of textbooks or materials so that if your child regularly forgets his or her books or supplies, you have another set at home to aid in homework completion.

2. Designate a homework spot

To facilitate focus, create a place in your home that's solely dedicated to homework. Clear that area of distractions, and make sure that it's in a place in the house that doesn't experience a lot of noise or foot traffic. By minimizing external distractions, you can help maximize your child's ability to focus on the task at hand.

3. Schedule homework time

Set up a routine for your child that does not change. That means that your child should sit down to complete homework assignments at the same time every day. By setting a routine, you establish a time of the day that is solely meant for work, and incorporating it into a daily routine can help it become a fixed habit.

4. Set up a reward system

To motivate your child to bring home supplies and complete assignments, set up a reward system. Create a star chart so that your child receives a star for doing something right, then offer a reward when he or she accumulates a predetermined number of stars. Consider offering weekly rewards like an ice cream cone or more involved monthly rewards like a trip to a local petting zoo or laser tag arena.

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