4 common dieting myths debunked

If you're on a diet or interested in losing weight, make sure you're not being led astray by one of these four commonly believed but inaccurate dieting myths.

4 common dieting myths debunked

Information overload

Our culture has an obsession with dieting today, and that can lead to information overload. For every helpful and true tidbit of information out there, there are also many incorrect pieces of advice that lead dieters astray.

1. Carbs are the enemy

So many diets today make carbohydrates out to be the enemy and claim that removing carbs will magically melt pounds away.

  • In reality, carbohydrates are a vital part of a healthy diet, and eating the right ones can actually aid in weight loss.
  • While some carbs such as white sugars and breads are definitely diet saboteurs, other carbs will help fill your stomach and reduce your calorie intake.
  • Smart choices include oatmeal, brown rice and fibre-rich vegetables.

Completely cutting out carbs from your diet will leave you constipated and craving sugars, which ultimately increases your likelihood of binge eating to satisfy your craving.

2. Eggs are bad for your cholesterol

Another common dieting myth that many people believe is that they should avoid eggs because of the high level of cholesterol in them.

  • In reality, the cholesterol found in eggs is different from the cholesterol found in your body, and eating eggs doesn't have much of an effect on your cholesterol levels.
  • Experts say that you shouldn't worry about consuming eggs in terms of raising the risk of heart disease, so feel free to eat them, yolks and all.

3. Gluten-free diets are great for weight loss

A gluten-free diet should have nothing to do with weight loss.

  • While many people mistake them for carb-free diets, gluten-free diets should only be pursued by people who have an allergy or sensitivity to the gluten found in wheat, not by those who are looking to lose weight.

People on a gluten-free diet can consume plenty of carbohydrates and calories, so it's not the most effective weight-loss strategy.

4. Avoid dairy for weight loss

Many people believe that they should remove fatty dairy foods from their diet in order to drop pounds.

  • In reality, diets rich in dairy have been shown to improve weight loss.
  • Dairy contains calcitriol, which helps bones preserve calcium and bodies burn more fat.
  • Dairy is also filling, which can help prevent binge eating.
  • To effectively diet and keep dairy on the menu, choose low-fat options and don't overindulge.
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