4 inspiring decor ideas to quickly transform your home

November 6, 2014

With the use of imaginative decor, you can breathe new life into your current home with these inexpensive and inspiring interior decorating ideas.

4 inspiring decor ideas to quickly transform your home

1. Wall art

Adding wall art, such as paintings, prints or decals, can provide a room with a new focal point while adding colour and vibrancy to a dark or dull space.

  • Homeowners and renters seeking a less permanent and more modern redesign may be particularly drawn to decals because they are inexpensive, unique and easy to attach and remove.

2. Furniture statement pieces

Investing in one or two statement pieces can give an entirely new look and feel to a room.

  • Bold chairs make good statement pieces because they add a splash of colour and spark to a room without requiring much space.
  • For example, adding a red armchair to a living room with only plain white furniture provides a more avant-garde design.
  • Alternatively, adding simple wooden stools to a chrome kitchen bar can create a vintage look.
  • The key to making a statement piece work is for it to be the central point of the room: the piece of furniture should pop out among the other decorations and furnishings due to its colour or style.

3. Decorative art pieces

Large decorative art pieces including mirrors or decorative textiles can be placed strategically to give a new theme to the entire home or specific rooms.

  • Homeowners seeking a beach-house feel could mount vintage surfboards on a side wall and hang a seashell wind chime next to a nearby window.
  • Unless you plan to renovate your entire home interior, it is useful to choose decorative pieces that will complement the existing furniture in colour and style.

4. Indoor plants

Apart from being good for your mood and health, decorative live plants can breathe life into rooms that feel too cold.

  • While plants themselves are visually appealing, the container in which they are grown can also be incorporated into the room's decor.
  • You can use unique containers, namely soup containers, cans, giant mugs and jars, as decorative pots for your indoor plants.
  • Use indoor plants in other decorative ways: create your own bonsai, terrarium, desert bowl or hanging garden.

Use your creativity

These are just a few ideas of how to use decor to renew your home.

  • There are many other ways anyone with a tight budget and some creativity can completely change the look and feel of a home, making it feel like an entirely new space.
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