4 luxurious spa treatments for men

Going to a spa is often thought of as a girly activity. However, many spa treatments are also perfect for helping men feel relaxed and rejuvenated. If you're interested in going to a spa, check out the 4 following luxurious treatments.

4 luxurious spa treatments for men

1. Deep tissue massage

One of the best selections many spas offer is deep tissue massage therapy.

  • For men that have larger, denser muscles, a deep tissue or shiatsu massage can be the perfect remedy for stiffness, soreness or stress.
  • Deep tissue massage practitioners knead deep into muscles to affect the places that really hurt, so they can help relax bodies and increase flexibility.
  • Many massage techs ask guests how strong they want their massages to be, so you can dictate your preferences to your masseuse or masseur.
  • Deep tissue massages are particularly great for men who are athletes or very physically active.

2. Waxing

Many spas today offer men waxing services to help remove unwanted hair from the body.

  • If you have chest hair or back hair that you want to get rid of, or you're growing hair in a place you don't want to shave, go to a spa and schedule a wax.
  • Aestheticians who provide waxing services at spas use special wax that causes less pain than at-home wax, and they are trained in methods that make hair removal relatively pain-free.

3. The polish-less pedicure

A pedicure might seem like the ultimate girls-day-out activity, but it's one of the best treatments for a man who spends a lot of time on his feet.

  • Many men don't realize that a pedicure involves soaking, cleaning and scrubbing feet to feel fresh, so men can go to a spa and request the first part of a pedicure, then skip the polish.
  • The pedicurist will bathe your feet, remove dead skin, fix your toenail cuticles, then moisturize your feet.
  • Many spas today call a pedicure for men an "executive pedicure," and it's perfect for athletes and those who spend hours standing on their feet.

4. Fitness facial

Men get clogged pores and skin troubles just like women, too, and today, spas are offering facials that are especially geared towards people who work out and sweat a lot.

  • A fitness facial includes steaming to open pores, then a cleansing to remove oil and dirt that may have gotten in while perspiring.
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