4 luxury vacations destinations

November 6, 2014

Luxury vacations should be about more than just gourmet food and excellent service, they should take you to places of beauty and adventure, too. Here are four of the best destinations in the world that offer fine dining, pampering, gorgeous scenery and exciting activities.

4 luxury vacations destinations

Bora Bora

This island in French Polynesia provides stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean and lush green volcanic mountains in a locale with warm weather and friendly people. Luxury resorts here feature thatched roof bungalows built right over sparkling turquoise water. Stay in rooms that let you gaze down at the sea through a glass floor. Go scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing and fishing, and then pamper yourself with a massage, spa treatment and divine French cuisine.


Another tropical destination, Aruba has the weather, beaches and high-end accommodations to make it a world favourite for luxury vacations. Its Caribbean location means it's close to Canada. Jeep tours and horseback riding will let you explore white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. Sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving will take you out into the calm, clear Caribbean Sea. Many international hotel chains have resorts and casinos here, too.


The City of Lights has been the home and host to countless kings, counts, rock stars and fashion designers. Paris invites with luxuries that few other places have to offer. Luxury hotels here mean your room is impeccably decorated, and you'll have window views of iconic sights such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or the Notre Dame cathedral. The fine dining in Paris is second to none, with traditional dishes combined with the latest innovations in gastronomy. (Tip: To eat in the best restaurants, you likely will need to make dinner reservations weeks ahead of time.) Paris is also home to many of the most luxurious clothing boutiques on the planet.

Sonora Island

You don't have to leave Canada to enjoy a luxury vacation. Sonora Island features the Sonora Resort, which offers luxurious facilities amid pristine nature. This serene spot in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia is filled with evergreen trees that rise above deep blue water. The forests are home to grizzly bears and bald eagles, while killer whales, dolphins and sea lions can be spotted from the coast. Hot stone massages, a piano lounge and five-star dining await after a day of adventures in the wilderness.

How to book a luxury vacation

Luxury vacations can be arranged by travel agencies, resorts and airlines. With research, you can book a luxury vacation to your chosen destination at discounted rates. The time of the year and the level of service and hospitality provided influences cost. Online comparison sites are a great way to gather more information and score the best deal on your dream vacation.

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