4 motorcycle negotiation tips for a better deal

November 3, 2015

Just like buying a car, very few people enjoy negotiating on a motorcycle purchase. Here's what you need to know in order to negotiate a great deal on a motorcycle.

4 motorcycle negotiation tips for a better deal

1. Don't make an offer

  • Whether you're looking to buy a used or new motorcycle from a dealership or private seller, it's important to never make an offer first.
  • No matter what's on the listing, it's very unlikely that the motorcycle will actually sell for that price. Instead, both parties will walk into the negotiation with a number in mind that will get the deal done.
  • Typically, a salesperson will ask, "How much are you willing to pay for this motorcycle?" For all you know, the salesperson is willing to sell the bike for even less than what you would be willing to pay.
  • Reply to the question by saying that you're an expert. Inquire how much they're willing to sell the motorcycle for?

2. Be mindful of the extras

  • Once you've agreed on a price, the salesperson may try to sell you an extended warranty or aftermarket accessories.
  • Generally, an extended warranty isn't necessary because the motorcycle will already be covered for one to two years from the manufacturer.
  • Instead of buying the latest helmet or new riding gloves, ask that they be included for free to seal the deal.

3. Know your budget

  • Walking into a motorcycle dealership can be overwhelming. With so many beautiful and powerful bikes around, it can be very easy to be tempted to buy a bike that's well beyond your budget.
  • It's in your best interests to have already researched the motorcycle you wish to purchase and know exactly how much you are willing to spend.

4. Buy at the right time

  • Because dealerships want to unload as many vehicles as possible before the end of the year, the best time to purchase a motorcycle is in December.
  • That's also the off-season for riding a motorcycle, so the dealership may be willing to unload the bike for an even better deal.

Whether it be a pushy salesperson encouraging you to "buy today" or a private seller not willing to budge on their price, it can be easy to buy a motorcycle at too high a price. The key to a successful negotiation, then, is to stay firm and be willing to walk away. If the price is right, a deal will be made.

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