4 clever ideas for one-of-a-kind Christmas tree toppers

December 1, 2014

Christmas trees often have an angel sitting at the top, but sometimes you need something more original. Try these ideas for a unique tree topper this year.
Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family, and one of the main parts of enjoying the holidays is decorating the tree. Christmas trees are traditionally decorated with ornaments, tinsel, lights and, of course, the Christmas angel on top. If you want to change things up this year, there are other clever ways to top your Christmas tree besides an angel. Here are four unique ideas for crafty toppers for your Christmas tree.

4 clever ideas for one-of-a-kind Christmas tree toppers

1. Photo star

A photo star can be a charming and personalized way to add character to your tree. Just cut out a star shape from thick construction paper or card stock, and then cut out an attractive black-and-white photo, either of the family, your house or pretty scenery that you like. Put a coloured frame behind the photo, glue it to the centre of the star, and you have a beautiful tree topper you can clip to the top of your tree.

2. Old-fashioned tree topper

For an old-fashioned look, take a cob of red corn, then use hot glue to glue a small red ribbon to a bigger ribbon. Tie the bows around the cob of corn, and use a wire to hang a bell from the corn cob to make a natural and musical alternative to a Christmas angel.

3. Popsicle stick snowflake

Sometimes simple tree toppers work best. Get a bunch of popsicle sticks from the store and spray-paint them bright white. Use glue to glue the sticks together in a snowflake pattern, from the bottom of the snowflake all around the six branches. Let it dry completely and place it at the top of your tree with a wire.

4. Top hat

Using an old top hat is a great way to top your Christmas tree. Wrap a little ribbon around a black top hat and add a few pretty, glittery leaves or any other decorative touches that you can think of. You can even dust the hat with a little fake snow to make it look extra wintry. Place it on top of your tree for a sophisticated look this Christmas.

With a little bit of imagination, some paint and some glitter, many everyday items can be turned into one-of-a-kind Christmas tree toppers.

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