4 options for patio furniture

November 3, 2015

Patio furniture adds function and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor spaces. Learning about the four options below will help you choose furniture materials that are beautiful and durable.

4 options for patio furniture

1. Plastic

  • Don't make the common mistake of buying patio furniture based on price alone. Cheap, plastic patio furniture often breaks within a few years, as the plastic tends to become brittle the longer it's exposed to harsh weather conditions. This effect is worsened if you leave your patio furniture out year-round.
  • The plastic could break when you sit on the furniture one day, and you could be injured.
  • Although plastic furniture is inexpensive, it isn't the best choice if you want to enjoy your patio furniture for years.

2. Rattan

  • Rattan is a natural fibre that is woven during the manufacturing process to produce strong, durable patio furniture. It offers a natural look and feel and an attractive appearance.
  • Rattan can be fabricated in a variety of designs and styles. In addition, rattan can be dyed colours that match those found in nature.
  • Patio furniture made of rattan can be left out in the sun, wind, rain and snow with little ill effect.
  • You'll want to spruce up your rattan patio furniture with an oil treatment to keep the fibres moist. A clean cloth with some mineral oil will keep furniture in good condition for at least one year.

3. Metal

  • Wrought iron is a common material used for patio furniture. Because of the hard metal surfaces, you'll want to use a cushion on chairs and lounges. Otherwise, this type of patio furniture provides comfort and style.
  • Wrought iron is usually coated to inhibit rusting, but over the years, the paint may wear away and rust may develop. This material is easily refinished with a light sanding and a fresh coat of spray paint. Metal patio furniture is one of the longest lasting and most durable materials on the market.

4. Wood

  • Teak is often used for patio furniture because it is a hardwood that wears well when exposed to water. Teak is not entirely immune to water, however, and a light application of oil on a seasonal basis can help ensure that cracks in the wood don't develop.
  • Teak patio furniture tends to be more expensive than some other options, but it adds a rich element to your outdoor living space.
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