4 outdoor gift ideas for adventure-loving moms

If the mom in your life loves the great outdoors and seeks adventure, then why not get her a unique gift to help her tap into new experiences. Here are a few outdoor gift ideas for Mother's Day that will surely thrill her. [Image credit: iStock.com/Yobro10]

4 outdoor gift ideas for adventure-loving moms

Mother's Day is a time to thank moms everywhere for everything they do, and nothing says it quite like a thoughtful gift. However, if you’re looking to surprise a mom who lives for the outdoors, you'll need to get creative to find the perfect gift. Here are four ideas to help.

1. Hiking boots

Yup, hiking boots. If your mom likes to exercise in the great outdoors, consider getting her a new pair of hiking boots (or sturdy hiking shoes if she's a beginner).

  • A sturdy pair of boots will allow her to explore trails and head out into the wilderness. What's more, you’ll be sure she’s safe and comfortable when she does. If she already has a favourite – but worn – pair, see if you can replace them with the identical style.
  • You can even go shopping for new hiking boots together if she has never owned any before. That way she can try on a variety and pick out the ones she likes best. You could make a day of it and include lunch together as part of the gift.

2. Scheduled outings

One of the best ways to show Mom you care is by scheduling a fun outing that the two of you can enjoy together. If you have siblings who share your interest, consider inviting them along.

  • You can schedule a day trip to do a little hiking and exploring. If Mom is exceptionally gung-ho you might even plan an overnight camping trip if you're both up for it.
  • Other fun activities include rock climbing, sailing, paddleboarding or any number of other sports that you could play together.
  • If there are grandchildren who are old enough to tag along and enjoy the sport, you may want to include them too.

3. Mountain or hybrid bike

If your mom likes to stay physically fit, consider buying her a new bicycle for Mother's Day, especially if she's still riding around on an old clunker she bought 30 years ago.

  • Biking is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors and get around town without having to use the car. A hybrid-style bike is perfect for this kind of riding. You can also purchase Mom mountain bike if there are trails in the area that she'd like to explore.
  • If a bike is beyond your budget, think about splitting the cost with siblings or other family members.

4. Sports lessons

If your mom is into sports but hasn't had time for lessons, why not buy them for her? You could opt for tennis lessons, windsurfing lessons or any other sport that piques her interest.

  • If you live near each other, you could even take lessons together for a little quality bonding time.

Mother's Day is your chance to give mom something that you know she will love and that will make her life a little bit brighter. Use one of these unique gift ideas to make the adventure-loving mom in your life happy.

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