4 outrageous pizza topping ideas (that are surprisingly delicious!)

November 3, 2015

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods across the globe, and people usually eat it with pepperoni, vegetables and cheese. However, here are some pizza topping ideas that seem a little outrageous, but wind up tasting delicious.

4 outrageous pizza topping ideas (that are surprisingly delicious!)

1. Caviar

Made famous by Nino's Bellissima Pizza in New York City, caviar pizza is a great way to get a highbrow and lowbrow food in one dish. To make caviar pizza, you can top the crust with creme fraiche instead of cheese, then top with a selection of your favourite kinds of caviar. To make the flavours even more complex, add some lobster meat and scallions. You'll have a rich and complex pizza that is sure to wow the taste buds of any diner.

2. Macaroni and cheese

  • Topping pizza with macaroni and cheese enhances its creamy flavour, and it gives the pizza a more complex texture than cheese alone. Leave the tomato sauce off of this one, and apply a layer of mozzarella cheese to the crust coated with olive oil. Then, add a layer of mac and cheese, another sprinkle of mozzarella, and bake. Macaroni and cheese pizza is a great treat for kids who love combining their favourite comfort foods into one.

3. French fries

  • Give your pizza an extra crunch by topping it with french fries.
  • A delicious french fry pizza is made just like a regular pizza, but on top of the layer of cheese, french fries are added.
  • Thinner, crispier fries work better than large steak fries, and an extra layer of cheese over the fries can keep them stuck to the pie.
  • To make an even more complex and filling pizza, add a meat to the top, too, like steak or ground beef.
  • You can also turn your pizza into a poutine pizza by leaving off the tomato sauce and using gravy instead.

4. Bacon and eggs

  • Make your pizza a breakfast food by simply adding bacon and eggs to it.
  • The two breakfast additions surprisingly complement the cheesy-bread combo well.
  • The best bacon and egg pizzas skip the tomato sauce, and simply have melted cheese on crust and olive oil.
  • To add the bacon and eggs, place pieces of cooked bacon on the top of the cheese, then crack three or four eggs over the top of the pie, and allow them to cook in the oven.
  • Runny yolks make this pizza even more delicious.


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