5 perks of a holiday home exchange

5 top perks of a holiday home exchange

Everyone enjoys taking a vacation and the option of engaging in a home exchange has numerous advantages. The following are just some of the best benefits that come with having a home exchange.

5 perks of a holiday home exchange

1. Savings on hotels

Having a home exchange basically equates into having free lodging. By allowing another family to use your home for their vacation, you can avoid paying for a hotel in some of the greatest and often most expensive cities in Canada and around the world. These savings can be applied to transportation costs, sightseeing, eateries, or anything else your mind could imagine while on vacation.

2. Ability to actually cook

One of the largest expenditures of travelling is eating. When at hotels, there are really only two options: microwavable meals and eating out. Microwavable meals are limiting and eating out every meal can be expensive. When you're staying in another person's house for a home exchange, you have access to their kitchen. This means home-cooked meals aren't a hassle, and you'll be saving money, too.

3. Looking outside of traditional homes

One of the greatest aspects about home exchanges is that they don't have to involve homes at all. Whether you're interested in living in an RV or a yacht while on vacation, these opportunities exist. People in all types of living conditions want places to stay other than where they live, and this presents a great opportunity to live a temporary life completely different from your own. Honestly, who gets the chance to live on a yacht? Look around; you might.

4. Live life like the locals

Anyone can stay in a hotel while on vacation, but only locals can live in homes in an area. This makes it your perfect opportunity to be a temporary local. You could sit back and read one of the books around the home, watch DVDs, take a walk around the neighbourhood and potentially even have toys for children to play with if you have little ones along for the ride.

Neighbourhoods are for those who wish to get a full understanding of the local area and culture. You won't just be stuck in areas occupied and surrounded by tourists. You'll get a real feel for the place, and you might even meet a few new neighbours.

5. Additional benefits

Some home exchanges don't just include the home and a few things within it. Many families opt to let others use their boats, sports equipment, RVs, and cars while engaged in a home exchange. This means that a person living in a simple home in a nice area could venture out and live like a king for a few days out of the year.

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