4 physical benefits of ballroom dancing

November 3, 2015

 As more and more people embrace ballroom dancing, they are discovering major health benefits they weren't aware of. Here are four of them.

4 physical benefits of ballroom dancing

1. Flexibility

  • All types of dancing require participants maintain flexibility. It is especially important in ballroom dancing because of the varied movements and steps involved.
  • Generally, each class or session will begin with routine stretches designed to elongate the body and increase your flexibility. Your instructor may also provide additional stretching techniques for you to complete at home.
  • Remember, ballroom dancing requires your body to move in ways it hasn't moved in before. To accomplish this, your body will have to open up. You will be surprised at how well your body will respond to these movements over time.

2. Endurance

  • Unlike other types of exercise routines, ballroom dancing challenges your overall endurance through ever changing dance types and rhythms.
  • In the jive, you may be performing constant, fast paced movements without resting. You may follow that with a Latin dance or a waltz, which requires completely different movements and a different amount of energy. Your body is never allowed to become complacent.
  • As you continue to progress in your technique and stamina, your endurance will greatly improve.

3. Strength

  • While most people wouldn't think of strength as a direct benefit of ballroom dancing, it is a key component in the discipline.
  • Dancing requires constant movement using your own body weight as well as the body weight of your partner. You may not be completing numerous sets and reps of barbell presses, but you will utilize your muscles in new ways and increase your overall strength while you learn.
  • Furthermore, you will develop a firm core which is essential for maintaining balance during the spins, dips, and turns of all the ballroom dances.

4. Mental Health

  • Ballroom dancing is a community activity. You and your partner are dancing with a group of people who each share a common interest. In addition to the stimulation exercise provides, your overall mental health is greatly benefited by the social aspect of the discipline.

Tip: Be patient

  • As with any type of new physical activity, it takes time and patience to become comfortable with the new movements. You will see results although you may not see them as quickly as you would want.
  • It may take several weeks or a month before your body begins to feel comfortable with the steps you are learning.
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