4 practical tips for organizing a Christmas party at a hotel

December 9, 2014

Arranging a holiday bash is a big responsibility. Here are four practical tips for organizing a Christmas party at a hotel to make it a smashing success!

4 practical tips for organizing a Christmas party at a hotel

1. Set a party date as early as possible

Before anything else, you need to set your party date. The earlier you set your party date, the better. As soon as a date is decided, determine whether you want to hold the party during the day or at night.

  • Many hotels will raise or reduce rates, based on the time of day a party room is reserved. Call a few hotels to find out the difference in cost during the day for a party venue.

2. Have a number of guests in mind

Each hotel has a choice of rooms that can accommodate a maximum number of party attendees. Have an approximate idea of how many people you expect before reserving a room.

  • Keep in mind if you need any special space considerations for activities or event features—such as a projector or stage.

3. Reserve your room immediately

Remember that party room availability will become more limited the closer you get to the holiday season.

  • Reserve your room ahead of time, preferably by a few months. Remember that the more popular the hotel, the earlier you’ll need to reserve the venue.

Knowing you’re reserving a party venue, hotels usually ask for a holding deposit.

  • This could be as little as 15 per cent or as much as 50 per cent. The outstanding balance is payable the day of the party.

Most party rooms will include a standard seating layout, as well as waiter service.

  • Find out from the hotel if they allow outside vendors and products. Some hotels will require you to use their preferred vendors, or internal services and products.

4. Plan either a bespoke or package party

Bespoke party

If you're planning every last detail of your party, that’s a bespoke party plan.

  • You choose the venue, decorations, book the activities and purchase the food.

The benefit of a bespoke party plan is that you can customize every last detail. However, this can be time-consuming and quickly become expensive. You’ll also have to coordinate room set-up before the party begins.

Party package

If you want a party planned for you, most hotels have packages to choose from.

  • Party packages include decorations, venue, food and even activities.

The benefit of a packaged party is that it reduces planning time. It also reduces the stress, and can be more cost effective. The hotel will set up the entire party for you beforehand. However, choices may be limited and customization not possible.

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