4 reasons to get your kids involved in tennis

November 3, 2015

4 Reasons to get your kids involved in tennis

When your kids are young, you have a great deal of input regarding which sports they choose to play. Below are four reasons your kids will benefit by learning to play tennis.

4 reasons to get your kids involved in tennis

1. You only need two people

Tennis is one of the best sports for kids of all ages and one they can play throughout their lives.

  • It can be hard to round up enough people for a kid's softball or soccer team, or even a game of kickball.
  • You only need one other player for a game of tennis, and that other player can be you, a sibling or a neighbour's child.
  • It's easy to play a game of tennis on the spur of the moment because a game can be played with only two players.

2. It's inexpensive

Many sports, such as lacrosse, require lots of expensive equipment.

  • You'll gasp at the amount of money you'll spend buying protective gear, playing equipment and practice equipment.
  • Protective gear isn't required for tennis, and your children can practice at home with the same equipment they'll use to play the game.
  • Your children can play in a pair of shorts, a tee-shirt and athletic shoes. You only need to buy a tennis racket and a few balls.

3. It's easy to play

Tennis is an easy sport to play for people of all fitness levels.

  • Even if a child isn't naturally athletic, he or she can quickly learn tennis basics and have fun on the court.
  • Your children will gain extra confidence and faith in themselves when they learn how to play.
  • Remember, they don't have to become the next Andre Agassi. Participating in tennis will help them stay active and spend time outdoors even if they aren't ready for the pro circuit.

4. It promotes deep friendships

Since tennis is played with two people, instead of a whole team, a child can develop a deeper friendship with a tennis partner.

  • He or she won't have to contend with other kids who may disrupt the game, and there won't be team rivalries and arguments.
  • Tennis promotes deep friendships between kids that may last their entire lives.

Start your children's tennis careers by picking up a few rackets and some tennis balls at any department or sporting goods store. Bring your kids to a free public tennis court and demonstrate the basic rules and techniques of the game. You'll soon see the benefits of getting your children involved in the sport.

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