4 signs that you can save your marriage

November 3, 2015

Marriage always has ups and downs, but going through challenges is a natural part of a relationship. If you and your spouse are going through a particularly hard time, you might be considering divorce. However, there are many instances in which great struggles are not a sign that the relationship should actually be ended. To know whether your struggling marriage to your spouse can still be salvaged, check out these four key signs that you and your spouse can save it.

4 signs that you can save your marriage

1. You're just bored

  • After many years of living together and seeing each other regularly, it can be easy to slip into doldrums that make you feel like you're out of love.
  • If what you feel is boredom in regards to your marriage, there are many ways to add spice and zest back into it to make it feel passionate and alive again.
  • Try making a real effort to switch up your daily routines so you see less or more of each other, and make a concerted effort to bring romance back into the equation, whether that means starting a regular date night, focusing on small romantic gestures or just changing the way you communicate with one another.
  • Boredom without ill will is a common problem in many marriages.

2. You both feel responsible

  • Problems in relationships are nearly always caused by both parties, but things can fall apart when one person takes all the blame and the other does not feel he or she is at fault at all.
  • A good sign you can save your marriage is if you both feel accountable for ways that the marriage has slipped and feel open to fixing the things you have done wrong.
  • Having self-awareness in a marriage and a desire to change for the better is a sign that the relationship can be fixed.

3. You have not tried outside help

  • Sometimes, couples just can't work out their problems on their own.
  • Maybe they've developed bad communication patterns or they're too deep into their dynamic to see its flaws.
  • Couples often need a therapist or counselling to help them fix their marriage.
  • If you have not tried counselling yet, there is a good chance that an outside expert can give you some guidance to make your relationship work.
  • Don't give up on each other before you've exhausted all your helpful options.

4. You can see tangible improvement

  • Many people say they want to fix or work on their marriage, but things never change.
  • However, if you or your spouse say you want to see changes or improvements and those actually happen, there's a good chance that your marriage can be fixed.
  • Some couples are not able to get past the problems that are inhibiting them from being healthy and happy.
  • Despite expressing desire to fix things, problems just won't get better for these couples.
  • However, if you start to put a little effort and you already see signs of improvement, there's a good chance that a lot of work will return your marriage to a happy and healthy place in no time.
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