4 sparring tips for taekwondo

November 3, 2015

Four sparring tips for taekwondo

If you're planning to learn how to spar in taekwondo, there are some important tips to learn to help you stay safe and be successful.

4 sparring tips for taekwondo

1. Learn how to spar early

If you have a child in taekwondo, or you're just starting out as an adult beginner, start learning how to spar right away. While you most likely will not win as a yellow or white belt, you will get the experience of what it feels like to be out sparring with another person. Ask your instructor to tell you when you're ready to start learning to spar, and enroll in a class that allows you to develop those skills. Starting early will pay off in the long run.

2. Stay light on your feet

Taekwondo is a sport that is primarily on the feet, particularly compared to karate, which focuses on the hands. So when you're out sparring in taekwondo, think about your feet and staying light on them at all times. Staying light on your toes and ready to react on either foot can help you dodge kicks and move out of the way quickly. It's also a good method for learning to stay balanced no matter what comes at you.

3. Stay relaxed

Most people are scared and anxious when they go out to spar. This is completely normal for a competitive situation, particularly one in which other people are watching. But it's important to learn to stay relaxed while you're sparring. Try practising a breathing technique or reciting a mantra to calm your mind before you start. Staying calm in your body can ensure that you don't panic and lose your balance or do something you didn't mean to do.

4. Stretch

Because sparring requires so many kicks, it's essential to stretch before you spar. Think about doing dynamic stretching that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, like toe touches or jumping jacks. Stretching adequately ensures that you won't tear or strain anything when you go to kick your opponent. Also, stretch after the match as well. Stretching helps increase your flexibility, which also makes you a better competitor.

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