4 study tips for driver's tests

November 3, 2015

To get a driver's licence, you'll need to pass both a driving and written test. Check out the helpful tips below to learn more about studying for the written driver's test.

4 study tips for driver's tests

1. Learn from your local ministry of transportation

  • Local MTOs provide handbooks to help new drivers learn local driving laws. Pick up a handbook (or download one online if it's available) and read the entire book.
  • It's important to pick up a handbook from your local MTO, as it will include all the laws that apply to the roads you'll be driving. Take notes, then review those notes regularly.
  • Read the handbook twice or more before you take the test. It will be jam-packed with information about laws and best driving practices.

2. Take a practice test

  • The local MTO will also provide an official practice test that aspiring drivers can take to ensure that they've mastered the information in the handbook.
  • Before you take the real test, take at least one MTO practice test to ensure that you're ready for the real thing. Taking a practice test will not only help you make sure that you know the material, but will also help you become familiar with the test format.

3. Start studying early

  • A lot of information is covered in the driver's test, and much of it can't be learned simply by riding around in the car with someone else.
  • Don't try to cram the night before the test. Give yourself several weeks to go over the handbooks and take practice tests. This will allow all the detailed information to sink in and will ensure you don't forget the laws you need to know as soon after the test is over.

4. Look for study guides online

  • Countless online resources are available to help people pass their written driver's licence tests.
  • If you do an Internet search for driver's test study guides in your area, there's a good chance you'll find one or more.
  • Study guides distill the necessary info so that you don't have to read and re-read the handbook. They might even include some important pieces of information that you missed.
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