4 suggestions for a perfect pizza party

November 3, 2015

Having a pizza party is a great way to celebrate a range of occasions, from birthdays to graduations to engagements. Check out these 4 helpful suggestions for ensuring that everyone eats well and has fun.

4 suggestions for a perfect pizza party

1. Serve a variety of pizzas

Everyone has different tastes and dietary needs. So if you're throwing a pizza party for a large group of people, make sure you offer several types of pizzas. For example, offer a pizza with meat, one that is vegetarian, one that is gluten free and one that has no cheese. Serving a variety of pizzas ensures that everyone ends up eating something delicious and leaves feeling satisfied, regardless of their preferences or health requirements.

2. Offer wine

While beer is a popular pairing for pizza, consider serving wine at your next pizza party – it pairs well with the flavour of pizza and is easy to serve. If you'll be entertaining a crowd, pick out a range of red wines and serve them in recyclable plastic cups. This will lend the party a fun and casual feel while making cleanup easy after everyone goes home.

3. Serve sides

While pizza is a delicious main course, it doesn't make for complete, well-balanced meal. In order to make sure that everyone is well nourished, offer simple sides in addition to the pizza. Throw together a big Caesar salad, bake some cheesy breadsticks, or slice some tomatoes and mozzarella. For a decadent meal, don't forget to offer dessert after the pizza to balance out all of the savoury with some sweet. If you'd like to stick with an Italian theme for dessert, serve fresh cannoli, tiramisu or gelato with toppings.

4. Offer some DIY options

Everyone loves having creative input into their meal, so consider offering some DIY options at your pizza party. One alternative is to offer plain cheese pizzas and a large selection of toppings that people can use to top their own pies before baking, such as cooked veggies, pepperoni slices, sausage and olives. Or, if you're serving pre-cooked pizzas, offer accoutrements that people can add to their pies – for example, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, basil, hot sauce, garlic butter dipping sauce or marinara dipping sauce. You can also offer extra mozzarella for the cheese lovers.

Pizza is already a much-loved food, and with these suggestions you can elevate your pizza party to the next level!


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