4 thank you gifts for house sitters

November 3, 2015

Four thank you gift ideas for house sitters

Having a house sitter watch your home is a good way to ensure it stays safe and well maintained while you're away. Here are some great gifts to express your thanks.

4 thank you gifts for house sitters

1. Nice toiletries

Your house sitter will be staying at your home, so they will most likely be away from the regular bath products they use at their home. Consider buying and leaving for sitters a complete set of nice bath products. Gather things they can use while they stay at your home, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and lotion. Give them enough that they'll be able to take the rest with them when they go  home. Be sure to leave a note indicating it's a gift for them so they will use it.

2. Restaurant gift certificate

One good way to help a house sitter enjoy the area in which your home is located is by giving them a gift certificate to a great restaurant nearby. Choose one you like and give the certificate before you leave so they can enjoy it during their stay. Consider giving a gift certificate big enough for two people to use so they can invite someone to enjoy it with them.

3. A trinket from your trip

If you're going away somewhere fun and exotic, a great way to show a house sitter how much he or she helped is by getting them something from the place where you travelled. Pick up a T-shirt, key chain, bottle opener or even a local food specialty. A present from your trip is a great way to share a bit of your adventure with your house sitter and to show how much you appreciated what he or she did by watching your house.

4. A bottle of wine or liquor

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for a house sitter is to get them a nice bottle of wine or liquor. Leave this for the house sitter when you depart.

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