4 tips for finding the replacement part of your broken appliance

November 20, 2014

Whether the part you need is hard to find or simply a pain to get, we have four tips to help you track down the exact replacement piece you require for fixing a busted appliance.

4 tips for finding the replacement part of your broken appliance

The fact that you are searching online for where to buy the best appliance parts means that you believe you have the ability to take a replacement part and insert it into the broken appliance. For that: a round of applause! Below are some tips to help you find the parts you’ll need to fix your appliances.

1. Find the model number

Before you can find the right part for your broken appliance, be sure that you have the correct model number.

  • The location of this can be pretty much anywhere on your appliance.
  • Check the door, the top of the doorjamb, the frame, the underside of the control panel and the back, if you can get there.

The model number will be clearly written on a sticker or metal plate and will consist of numbers only or a combination of numbers and letters.

  • The words “model no.” will be right underneath it.
  • Do not confuse it with the serial number, though it’s good to jot that down too in case you need it.

2. Find the part online

If ordering online is convenient, check out some websites.

  • On their home page, enter the model or part number and the site will automatically tell you if it’s in stock and how much it will cost.
  • You can also go to the website of the appliance manufacturer to see if you can order the replacement part directly through them.

3. Find the best price

It’s easy to shop around online to see which company offers the best price on the part you are looking for.

  • Check out websites that frequently offers new and slightly used options.

4. Find your way back to the beginning

If you are feeling particularly old school, you can go back to the store from where you bought your appliance to see if they can order the part for you.

  • Most large appliance stores have good customer service, though it may take longer to get the part than ordering online with same-day shipping.
  • While you’re at it, check to see if the repair is covered under your warranty.
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