4 tips for hiring a divorce lawyer

November 3, 2015

Finding the right divorce lawyer is essential to ensuring a faster, less expensive divorce. If you're looking for a divorce lawyer, be sure to take into account the following advice.

4 tips for hiring a divorce lawyer

1. Hiring a divorce lawyer versus a mediator

Divorce can proceed along two main paths: the traditional litigation route and the mediation route.

  • For traditional litigation, start by choosing family lawyers from a court approved list online. According experts in the field, it's best to search for biographical information on lawyers, including specialities, experience and associated law firms.
  • For mediation, often an out-of-court legal settlement, there are many Canadian mediation referral services available online.

2. Get recommendations from friends

  • Whether or not a divorce goes to court, the attorney hired must have knowledge and experience in family law in order to advise clients on appropriate legal strategies that can be upheld in court.
  • One of the best ways to secure a good lawyer is to ask friends and personal property lawyers to recommend a reputable family lawyer.
  • Consider websites that provide client reviews of local attorneys as well.

3. Interview potential lawyers

  • Most family lawyers provide free consultations to clients where they explain the legal approaches toward a court case. You can use this opportunity to ask questions of lawyers about court experiences and specialities within family law, as well as gaining information about the type of client they usually represent and rates charged.
  • During interviews be aware of any red flags that indicate disrespect of other lawyers, lack of confidentiality and lack of focus.

4. Choose a lawyer that is supportive and respectful

  • Choose a lawyer who will support your philosophies, displays admirable work ethics and communicates well. A good divorce lawyer should not make unreasonable demands for child support or create obstacles to custody arrangements.
  • An lawyer's negotiation style should reassure the client that the divorce proceedings will be handled with respect for all those involved in what can be an emotional and distressful event.
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