4 tips for holding an outdoor wedding

November 3, 2015

Outdoor weddings are gaining popularity, but making sure your wedding is the best it can be requires some planning. Here are four terrific tips for throwing the best outdoor wedding reception.

4 tips for holding an outdoor wedding

1. Don't go it alone

  • When you hire a rental company to provide party rentals like tents, tables and chairs, you'll see how helpful they can be. They are experts at helping people throw the best outdoor weddings because they have years of experience in that business.
  • If you tell them how many people you're expecting and the location for the wedding, they can recommend the perfect size tent for your event. Let them guide you on what kind of tent you'll need based on the time of year and the overall wedding theme.

2. Have several shelter options available

  • Just in case you do get inclement weather on the day of the event, it's best to have several shelter options available for people to take cover. If the skies open up, your guests won't all converge on a single tent.
  • Even if you can't accommodate all the guests inside your house, you should be prepared to have some people come in. Other options include extra tents or canopies.

3. Provide extra tables and chairs

  • When you're arranging for your table and chair rentals, don't cut it too close. Remember that you'll want to have a separate table for the gifts and one for guests' overcoats and purses.
  • If you're having live entertainment, you'll also need a table and chairs for the musicians.
  • Children will usually want to be seated at their own table as well.
  • Arrange seating areas in several locations so guests can enjoy breaks from the crowd to have quiet conversations.

4. Rent a dance floor

  • A designated area for dancing can be set up easily with the rental of a dance floor. This will allow guests in high heels to navigate easily as everyone enjoys the wedding dance music. This is especially helpful if you plan to hire live entertainment for the wedding reception.
  • Rentable dance floors can be delivered and set up by the rental company directly in front of the band stage area.
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