4 tips for keeping your laundry room organized

November 6, 2014

Having an organized laundry room can make the cleaning process for your house both simple and convenient.

4 tips for keeping your laundry room organized

The laundry room is one of the most important rooms in a household. Not only is it the place where you clean your clothes, but it's also often the storage place for a home's cleaning supplies. Keeping a laundry room organized is easy if you follow these four simple steps:

1. Use small containers

Most laundry supplies tend to come in large, bulky containers. Rather than storing large jugs of detergent, bleach and other supplies in your laundry room, have smaller containers with lids to keep smaller amounts of supplies on hand. You can store the larger containers somewhere less convenient, such as the garage or under the sink, and refill the smaller containers when needed. Some great ideas for smaller containers to use are mason jars, plastic food storage containers or recycled jars from the refrigerator.

2. Install a hanging bar

In your laundry room, make sure to have a space for hanging clothes, such as a hanging bar or clothing rack. You will also want to keep hangers on the bar for easy use. A hanging bar helps keep surfaces free once laundry is done, and it's also convenient for drying wet clothes that cannot be put in the dryer. If there is nowhere to hang things in your laundry room from the start, consider installing a tension rod or a set of removable coat hooks on the wall.

3. Use sorting baskets

Keep several baskets stashed somewhere in the laundry room to make doing laundry easier. Stash the baskets on a shelf, in a corner or even on top of the washer or dryer. These baskets can be used to sort laundry into colours and whites before doing a load, and then used to organize and carry finished laundry when the cycle is done.

4. Use stackable boxes

If you store other cleaning supplies in your laundry room, such as sponges, soaps or scrubbers, store them in plastic boxes that are stackable. You can then store bulky and oddly-shaped cleaning goods in an organized fashion without taking up precious shelf space.

The laundry room is one of the most essential places in your house for keeping your space and belongings clean, so it's essential that it stays clean itself. By spending a little time focused on getting your laundry tools and space organized, you can ensure that keeping your home and wardrobe clean will be easier and more efficient than ever.

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