4 tips on buying the right meat to BBQ

Having a summer BBQ is a great way to get friends together to enjoy nice weather, and there are many delicious meals you can make on a barbecue.

So, if you're a fan of grilling meat, here are four shopping tips to help you pick the right cuts and pieces for your BBQ.

4 tips on buying the right meat to BBQ

1. Choose something with fat

We've been taught to avoid fatty meat for health purposes. When it comes to cooking meat on a barbecue, though, a meat that is marbled and high in fat helps keep the meat flavourful and juicy while cooking.

For example, while many people choose cuts of sirloin steak to barbecue, sirloin is actually a very lean meat, and it dries out quickly.

A rib eye steak, on the other hand, has a good amount of fat on it. This type of steak does very well on the barbecue.

In general, though, try to pick a cut of meat that is marbled.  Putting marbled meat on the barbecue will help you get juicier results every time.

2. Go for ribs

Some cuts of meat just taste better on the barbecue, and one of those cuts is the famous rib. Both pork and beef ribs do particularly well when barbecued.

Cook ribs over a low heat slowly, and you'll end up with juicy, moist and tender result. In fact, many people claim that ribs just don't taste good cooked any other way.

3. Look for a high-quality meat

There are three grades of meat: prime, choice and select.

Select is the least expensive type of meat, but it's also the lowest quality.

Prime meat is very hard to find, and it can be expensive.

In fact, only two out of every 100 cows gives prime meat.

Choice meat is a great option for the barbecue since it's relatively budget-friendly, but it still has a good amount of marbling and tenderness.

So, you should go for choice meat when you're looking for something to throw on the barbecue. Also, choice meat will retain a tasty flavour when cooked on the barbecue.

4. Pick something thick

Cooking meat on the barbecue can dry it out quickly.

So, try to pick a type of meat that is thick — whether it's a chicken breast or a thick bone-in pork chop. You don't want to cook anything too thin on the barbecue because it will become dry and tasteless by the time it's properly cooked.

Make your BBQ memorable

Fat, quality, and thickness — keep these three things in mind when you're looking for a cut of meat for the barbecue (or just go with ribs!). Doing so will help your BBQ meal be delicious and memorable.


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